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The Fine Print of Leadership

The Fine Print of Leadership

A few weeks ago I was meeting with a client.  He was feeling a little exasperated.  His company had been investing quite a bit of time and money in developing its senior leaders.  Despite these investments, however, he was still seeing some leadership gaps.  When I asked him to explain the nature of these gaps, he said that it seemed that the leaders didn’t quite understand what it meant to be a leader.  Many were sitting around waiting for permission from the company’s executives to get things done, rather than stepping up and driving their own agenda.

Many leaders take on leadership roles often without fully grasping what’s truly expected of them as leaders.  It’s as if they signed a contract to lead, but didn’t read the fine print.

Is this happening in your company?  Do you have individuals in leadership roles who are struggling to understand what it truly means to be a leader and how to lead effectively?  If you do, then read my eBook, The Fine Print of Leadership (previously titled The Leadership Contract).

It reveals the unspoken terms of leadership.  I’m happy to say that you can download your own copy of The Fine Print of Leadership. It is now also available in French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Have a read and let me know your thoughts.

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About the Author

Vince Molinaro is a speaker, consultant, executive at Lee Hecht Harrison, and author of the New York Times bestseller The Leadership Contract now in its second edition.

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