The Leadership Contract

The Fine Print to Becoming an Accountable Leader

Designed for top-level executives, mid-level managers, front-line leaders, and emerging leaders, The Leadership Contract by Vince Molinaro identifies the shortcomings of current leadership methods and explains how to adopt new policies and mentalities to make you a better leader and ensure business success.

Recent studies show that only 7 percent of employees have trust and confidence in their senior leaders. How can we ever get our organizations to succeed if so few employees believe in their senior leaders? The Leadership Contract explains why leadership, and specifically leadership culture, is the only real differentiator between the organizations that thrive and those that fall behind. This book explains how to establish a leadership contract that is fully understood and agreed upon by business leaders to ensure the success of their company.

The book lays out the four terms and conditions of the leadership contract and enlists leaders in making a conscious decision to lead, including the understanding that leadership is a decision, entails an obligation, is difficult, and requires a community.

The Leadership Contract is filled with practical and powerful insights that will immediately show you how to become a great leader.

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The Leadership Contract Field Guide

The Personal Roadmap to Becoming a Truly Accountable Leader

Commit to great leadership today
The Leadership Contract Field Guide provides a practical blueprint for implementing the Leadership Contract. New ideas don’t become truly useful until they are put into practice—now is the time to commit. Review the major tenets of great leadership, internalize them, and look around your organization: what does your organization currently need the most? Where are there clear deficits? What do your people need most right now to work to their full potential? That’s where you start. Decisions? Make them. Obligations? Fulfill them. Hard work? Toughen up. Leadership is a privilege and a responsibility, and this book shows you how to move from thinking about great leadership to practicing great leadership—starting today.

This guide summarizes The Leadership Contract and shows you how to put the powerful ideas contained in it into practice. In addition, the new research and insightful case studies in the Field Guide will give you fresh insight and perspectives. Are you ready to make the decision to become a true leader?

The Field Guide will help you:

  • Implement the Contract to become a more effective leader
  • Review the key points of what it means to lead
  • Focus on your own accountability and fulfilling obligations
  • Identify and accommodate organizational needs

A leader must equip employees to succeed, motivate them to achieve, and inspire them to new heights every day. That’s what great leadership looks like, and it is already inside of you. The Leadership Contract Field Guide gives you a systematic blueprint for unleashing the leader you were meant to be.

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The Leadership Gap


Studies consistently show that quality leadership development programs pay off for companies — in the form of shareholder returns, market share growth, and sales. However, many companies have inadequate leadership development programs. This book challenges traditional views of leadership development with a perspective that focuses on recognizing leadership as a source of competitive advantage. If you’re a manager or an HR leader, The Leadership Gap offers the practical, effective strategies you need to close the leadership gap in your organizations, unleashing leadership potential for better business results and a sustainable competitive advantage.

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Leadership Solutions

The Pathway to Bridge the Leadership Gap

Leadership capacity has emerged as a key source of competitive advantage in today’s economy. But many organizations struggle to develop the capacity they need to succeed. This book offers concrete and precise strategies to close the leadership gap. It explains in detail how to conduct a leadership analysis, determining exactly where the gaps are in both organizational and individual leadership; analyzes the challenges a company faces; helps in understanding an organization’s leadership deficit; and generates leadership solutions tailored to the organization’s particular needs and shortcomings.

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