In his keynotes, Vince challenges audiences to achieve a higher level of leadership accountability. He stresses the importance of the personal decision to become a leader — with all that entails — through resolve, commitment and obligation as he guides his audiences through the journey to full leadership. Vince will show you how to build a community of leaders within your organization and will explain why today’s leaders must be personally responsible.

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Vince offers three major keynote topics, for conferences, corporate leadership summits or executive/management retreats.

The Leadership Contract

The Mediocre Leader

Are your leaders accountable to the people they lead? In this powerful keynote, Vince confronts the leaders in your organization with The Leadership Contract, a practical approach to help leaders fully commit to their responsibilities and obligations.

Your audience will learn how to:

• Fully embrace a culture of effective leadership

• Fully accept all of the hard work required of an effective leader

• Connect to a broader community of leaders

Target Audience: Director and mid-level leaders, frontline managers and emerging, high potential leaders.

The Community of Leaders

The Community of Leaders – The Ultimate Differentiator

Are your leaders living in silos, and working at cross-purposes with other leaders? Vince helps break down the walls that exist between leaders to drive better performance.

Your audience will learn how to:

• Develop a ‘one-company’ mindset

• Build relationships across the organization to foster collaboration and innovation

• Strengthen your organization’s leadership culture

Target Audience: Executives, director and mid-level leaders, frontline managers and emerging, high-potential leaders.

Are You Enabling Mediocre Leadership?

The Mediocre Leader

Many organizations are tolerating mediocre leadership. In this presentation Vince lays out a sure-fire blueprint to develop the truly accountable leaders your organization needs for today and tomorrow.

Your audience will learn how to:

• Make leadership accountability a critical business issue on the board and executive agenda

• Set clear leadership expectations for all your leaders

• Develop the courage to confront mediocre leadership in your company

• Build a strong and enduring leadership culture

Target Audience: Boards, Executive teams, HR leaders, heads of leadership development and learning.

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My organization is ready for a leadership contract

Bring Dr. Vince Molinaro in to speak to your leadership team, your managers, or your rising stars today about great leadership, how to create strong leaders, and the Leadership Contract.