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What distinguishes truly accountable leaders from the rest?

It doesn’t matter if a company is an industry leader, an average performer or a poor performer – how they define accountable leadership is the same. In fact, a number of key behaviors emerge as truly distinguishing those leaders who are truly accountable from the rest.

Study: What cultural attributes create the conditions for leadership accountability

Our Leadership Accountability study discovered the specific cultural attributes of those industry-leading companies that create conditions for strong accountability.

What must organizations do to create strong leadership accountability?

There are four recommendations organizations need to consider if they want to build strong leadership accountability. Make leadership a critical business priority; set clear expectations of their leaders; identify and address leaders who are unaccountable; and establish a strong community of leaders.

What is The Leadership Contract and how does it build leadership accountability?

In order to build strong leadership accountability you need a partnership between leaders and the organization. At an individual level, it’s important for leaders to embrace the four terms of The Leadership Contract.

Study: What organizational practices drive strong leadership accountability

Our leadership accountability study found that there are a number of organizations practices that industry-leading companies put in place that help drive strong leadership accountability.

How has the model of leadership changed over time?

The model of leadership is evolving from heirarchical to a more distributed structure. It’s now more important than ever to have to strong leaders in every role at every level, not just one or two at the top of the organization.

What's the primary obligation effective leaders must commit to?

One of the obligations a lot of leaders fail to appreciate is that your primary role is to build the strongest team you can. A strong team enables you to be a more effective leader.

What's at the heart of leadership accountability and transparency?

We hear a lot today about leaders needing to be transparent. In reality, leaders can’t ever be fully transparent. There are things you’ve got to keep confidential and protect. What you can do to be transparent as a leader is be clear about what your obligations are as a leader and communicate that with your team.

Leadership is a Decision

Leadership is ultimately a decision. At critical points in our careers, we have to ask ourselves some fundamental questions about our leadership roles.

Leadership Is Hard Work – Get Tough

Leadership is hard work – get tough. When you practice the avoidance of the difficult aspects of your job as a leader, not only do you become weaker, but it makes your organization weaker too.

Leadership is an Obligation

Leadership is an obligation and today’s leaders have to step up. Once you decide to become a leader, you must recognize that you are held to a higher standard of behavior.

Leadership is a Community – Connect

Leadership is a Community – Connect. The most successful organizations have a leadership culture that helps them retain and recruit the best talent. These organizations focus on building a strong community of leaders which acts as the ultimate differentiator.

Build A Community of Leaders

Find out what you can learn about building a community of leaders from an electrical line crew.

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